jem. and i think you know how i detest looking like a fool. but still i do. for you.

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watch someday we’ll meet him, like friends, not even fans ~ cause we’ll be that cool B) idk it would pretty sweet just to talk and eat some ice cream you know.. jem, harry & marcy cause hey? who doesn’t like ice cream? ily silly goose ;D

omg yes i’m so sad i just really want to meet him and i want him to feed me macarons but maybe that’s more impossible than me ever getting to meet him so i just really want to meet him i do i’m so sad MARCY ILY WE SHOULD GO OUT AND FIND SOME ICE CREAM

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woaaaah, what video with his phone number? Paige's douchey friends did what with it?

i don’t really remember but i think it has something to do with one of paige’s guy friends (his name is on the tip of my tongue but i can’t remember) and then he posted an instagram vid saying he’ll give out harry’s number if he gets this certain amount of followers (or is it likes?) idk

and then cal (i think it’s cal??) posted on twitter saying that that isn’t a problem because if the number gets out they could always change it (ofc those aren’t isn’t the exact words he said but yeah)

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yanno Jem I'm reading your asks like YES YES I agree lol, aww she be the type of person to be pals with Harry (◕︿◕✿) you'd be a good person to him unlike all the other buttholes he met in NY

i had so much more words in mind but i felt i’d rather just eat than type out words against her hahaha

why thank you marcy i agree we should’ve just met him we deserve it so much more i mean imagine the selfies and the ice cream we could eat and we wouldn’t even feel the need to post stupid shallow pictures to show the world we’re friends with him (or maybe just one but with no intention of gaining attention from people. i am very much content swimming in the fact that we met harry and spent time with him and gotten to know him more than just knowing him through our computer screens and videos and pictures)

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wait whats going on omg who is this paige i just came home fill me in jEM

basically still this woman who still can’t shut up about her alleged thing with harry which reminded me of all those stupid posts and her friend’s video (i forgot his name because they her and her friends do not matter) about how he’ll give out harry’s number if said friend’s video or instagram reaches a number of followers or likes if i remember correctly

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totally agree with you on the Paige thing.. that was bullshit. she was bullshit. her friends were bullshit. Harry probably was very upset and hurt after all that.

and those instagram posts by her friends and that one instagram video about his cellphone number seriously ??? they’re that low??

they are not my kind of pal

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Harry's a smart boy :-) I think he's going to a date person that would never put their personal business out there like that, so that's how I usually tell when people are lying saying they're with him or a bunch of shit that isn't true, the Paige thing was a misjudgment of character on his part, he probably thought she was pretty and had a cute little kiss/make out type thing because there's nothing wrong with kissing people, but she made it obvious she wanted attention so friendship demolished.

this is what pisses me off so much sometimes. i don’t even care about her and her friends but i hate how they thought harry would be just as shallow as them. when i first learned about her all i could think was “well okay she’s looks okay it’s gonna hurt if they start dating or something” but then everyone realized that all she wanted was attention because that’s what people get when they hang out with harry styles and i hate how they used him. harry styles is a very nice boy who first sees the good in people and he doesn’t deserve to be used like that. 

in the business that one direction belongs to it gets hard to find people who want to be real friends with you (and i know nothing about this because i’m not famous or anything but we all know it’s easy to see that some people would practically do everything just to be recognized and talked about) BUT I JUST HATE HOW THEY USED HIM AND HOW //SHE// WAS IN QUITE CLOSE PROXIMITY TO HIM AND SHE JUST CAN’T MOVE ON FROM THAT. she’s obviously someone who may not stop at anything until she gets the attention she feels like she can’t live without. most people (if not everyone) hate her and can see what she and her friends are really up to but she just can’t shut up she can’t stop why can’t she just stop

but yes obviously harry is a very smart boy whom i know will never stoop to that kind of level

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Has anyone replied? Is it true or?

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it's not true, that's like one of the security guards niece or something lol and had a thing with Michael from 5sos, she hung out with Harry but that was it, that twitter is fake just trying to make drama out of something that was simply fan/friendish?

thank you! haha i figured it’s not real because of the way she keeps insisting that they’re together and even the pictures she’s posting are a bit too pixelated as if they’re taken from tv or a video or something

thank you! haha

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How many followers do you have?

only a few. a really small number. like 20 or 22

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thank you so much! xx

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'why' as in why is it being moved or why am i depressed and poor? 

it’s over heeeeere

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omg yes, I thought it was only me, I was like dude why does this sound like the static noise tvs use to have back then

yes omg yes yes i’ve practically downloaded them four times already and at least now i know they’re just the way they are haha

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