jem. and i think you know how i detest looking like a fool. but still i do. for you.

christopher wilde’s ‘hero’ … and my phone’s wallpaper

this is totally random. but i wanted to share it to the world, anyway.

the wallpaper of my phone is a picture of sterling knight. i edited that picture and it’s found here. however, the original picture is the one on my phone - not the edited version.

sooo. i was watching the part in starstruck where christopher wilde was recording ‘hero’ in the studio. (jessica olson was showed in lots of parts on that certain clip)

yeah. i got my phone opened and i was staring at the wallpaper as i sang to ‘hero’. then, i looked up at the computer screen.

i wasn’t really thinking about anything at that moment so when i looked back at my phone, i was like ‘wow. this guy looks a lot like the guy singing ‘hero” … after a millisecond, when realization dawned on me, i laughed to (and at) myself.

i’ve totally forgotten that christopher wilde and the guy on my phone was the exact same person. hahahaha that’s what sterling does to me - most of the time, i forget that chad dylan cooper, christopher wilde and sterling knight are all the same. i keep thinking as if they’re different people.

and i just want to point out (again) that THAT’s how good sterling acts. his roles are just sooo perfectly portrayed that you can separate one character from the other. well, it’s not just because of the movie or series writer - but because of sterling himself. other actors and actresses retain the same acting styles so sometimes you’d think that one movie was the same as the other. but with sterling, no, it’s not like that. it’s nothing like that ;)

anyway, that’s it.
to those of you who actually read this blog, i hope you understood what i just blabbered about.

peace out, suckahs! ;))
xoxox <3

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